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XW Pro 6848XW Pro 6848

Schneider Electric Conext XW Pro 6848


Powerful Hybrid Inverter/Charger!
6.8 kW 120/240 Volt Inverter and 48V Charger
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Schneider Electric Conext XW Pro 6848 – 6.8kW UL 120/240 Volt Inverter 48V Charger

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The XW Pro solar hybrid inverter is the heart of your home power system, connecting solar and battery storage with the grid for backup power and energy security. It can be used for solar and storage, or backup power systems without solar.

Adaptable and scalable, the Schneider Electric XW Pro hybrid inverter provides the one solution you need for solar with storage, backup power, self-consumption, and off-grid power for homes, small businesses, and remote communities.

Designed to the highest standards of reliability and quality, the XW Pro can meet your needs for any number of residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Built on the reliable XW platform, XW Pro is the evolution of a time-tested, high-quality hybrid storage inverter with a large global install base.



XW Pro

The Conext XW Pro is built with industrial strength in mind.

Industrial Strength: The XW Pro features a dual-chamber design. For improved thermal management and reliability, sensitive electronics are separated from heat-generating components such as a transformer and power bridge/heat sink. This allows effective heat and airflow management, protecting electronics from dust and resulting in long-term durability.

Flexible Battery Compatibility: The XW Pro is compatible with most battery types. Including Flooded (default), Gel, AGM, Lithium ion, and custom batteries.

Remote Monitoring: The Conext XW Pro is compatible with the Insight energy Management System.  With advanced data security in mind Conext XW Pro allows for remote monitoring and control through web or mobile app.

Smart Energy Management: Easily optimize your energy consumption for time of use rates or demand charges.  Increase your self consumption of solar energy.

Backup Power Performance: The Conext XW Pro has a seamless transition to backup power with an integrated high-speed transfer switch and reliable operation of backup power and off-grid loads with a high overload power rating.


surge power chart

Output Power: The XW Pro includes a robust transformer as part of an isolated inverter design. The toroidal transformer provides industry-best surge capability with a high overload rating (2x power). with surge capabilities of 6,800 watts of continuous power, 8,500 watts of power for 30 minutes and 12,000 watts of power for 1 minute.

Centre of your system: The XW Pro works seamlessly with other solar products, including the Conext MPPT charge controllers, connecting solar, battery, generator, and grid all to one inverter as the hub of the system.

Stackable: Always have enough power, the XW Pro is stackable up to 4 units supplying you with all your energy needs.

Enhanced grid support: Both grid tied and off-grid capabilities.

Easy To Install: The XW Pro quickly configurable using the Insight Energy Management system.  This unit has a full ecosystem and accessories for single unit or scalable systems.

Buy with ease: The Conext XW Pro is backed by a 3 year warranty and customers are able to purchase an additional 2 year warranty for a total of 5 years.  Schneider Electric offers global support and training with their products.



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