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Outback Power HUB4Outback Power HUB4

Outback Power HUB10.3 – 10 Port Communication Manager


Outback Power HUB4 Communication Manager!
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Outback Power HUB10.3 – 10 Port Communication Manager


Outback Power

The OutBack Power Systems HUB10.3 System Communications Manager allows the interconnection of up to ten OutBack power conversion devices with the OutBack MATE. The interconnection creates a completely integrated Power System that is coordinated and managed by the MATE.

The OutBack HUB communicates stacking phase, load share, incremental start-up and shut down information directly between the inverters. Interconnection cabling is standard CAT5 eight wire with RJ45 modular jacks. The HUB is powered via any FX inverter/charger or MX60.

The OutBack HUB10.3 allows the MATE to control up to eight FX series inverters/chargers or up to 10 devices of any combination.



Remote Monitoring and Configuration: The HUB10 allows you to integrate up to 10 components in any combination or control 8 FX series inverter/chargers.

Easy-to-install: The OutBack HUB can be wall-mounted in any orientation. Both the FLEXware 500 and 1000 systems as well as previous OutBack enclosures have mounting holes for convenient HUB installation.  The cabling from the HUB to the FX inverters/chargers, MX60 PV MPPT charge controller and MATE uses standard CAT5 type computer cable.

Buy with ease: The Outback Power HUB10 comes with a limited 2 year warranty.



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