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Magnum Energy MMP175-30D


Everything in a single, easy to install code compliant pre-wired enclosure.
Designed to work with One Magnum (fits 48VDC models) ME, RD, MS, MS-PAE, MS-AE or other non-magnum inverter/chargers.
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Magnum Energy MMP-175-30D

MMP Manual


Standard Features:
• Enclosure is steel construction with durable white powder coat finish
• Battery/inverter DC disconnect breaker (175 or 250 amps)
• Inverter AC input overcurrent protection breakers
• Pre-wired AC bypass switch for inverter isolation/battery maintenance
• Front mount AC and DC breakers for quick and easy operation
• AC and DC ground screw type compression terminals (no lugs required)
• 500A/50mV DC shunt installed for easy connection to battery status monitor
• Easy field wiring with front-mounted AC and DC input/output terminals
• Enclosure and components are UL/CSA certified and designated for indoor use
• Configurations available for both single 120 VAC and 120/240 VAC systems
• DC negative and ground busbars (negative can be isolated if PV-GFP device installed)
• Battery positive busbar for DC loads and PV arrays included
• Provides mounting for DIN rail or back-mounted DC load/disconnect breakers
• Integrates directly with Magnum MS, MS-PAE, and RD Series inverters
• Knockouts for inverter and battery cables, PV in/out, DC breakers
• Stud terminal available for large DC wire if used as system ground
• Data cables with 300-volt rated insulation to allow 240 VAC inverter installations
• Inverter hood to allow a Magnum inverter to be mounted vertically

MMP Series Overview

The MMP enclosure is available in four basic configurations. This section lists the four models and the enclosure’s main components and features.

Individual Models:
• MMP175-30D (Mini Magnum Panel, 175 ADC breaker, dual 30 AAC bypass/input breakers)
• MMP175-60S (Mini Magnum Panel, 175 ADC breaker, single 60 AAC bypass/input breakers)
• MMP250-30D (Mini Magnum Panel, 250 ADC breaker, dual 30 AAC bypass/input breakers)
• MMP250-60S (Mini Magnum Panel, 250 ADC breaker, single 60 AAC bypass/input breakers)

Includes a 5 YEAR SYSTEM WARRANTY when Magnum Panel and Magnum Inverter are purchased and setup together.

Optional Accessories/Components:
ME-RC50 – Basic Remote Control with LCD display; allows inverter (or connected accessory) to be configured and monitored, and maintains the critical settings in non-volatile memory.
ME-ARC50 – Advanced Remote Control with LCD display; has all the features of the ME-RC remote, but also configures the advanced features of the inverter (or any connected accessory).
ME-BMK – Battery Monitor; determines battery State of Charge (DC shunt not included).
ME-AGS-N – Automatic Generator Start Controller (Network version); automatically starts/stops generators.
BP-MMP – Metal Back plate; for mounting the Magnum inverter and MMP enclosure.
• DC Breakers – Space for up to four E-Frame/back-mounted (1” width) or eight Q-Frame/DIN rail-mounted (1/2” width) DC breakers.
• MMP-KP – A top cover plate with knockouts to allow other (non-Magnum) inverter installations.

Physical Features:
• MMP dimensions (H x W x D): 18” x 13” x 6.75” (45.7cm x 33cm x 17.1cm)
• MMP weight: 22.5 lbs. (10.2 kg)
• Shipping dimensions (H x W x D): 22” x 15” x 12.5” (56.9cm x 38.1cm x 31.8cm)
• Shipping weight: 31.5 lbs. (14.3 kg)


 Shown with Inverter, Remote, Back Plate and Hood


Additional information

Weight 10.2 kg
Dimensions 45.7 × 33 × 17.1 cm

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