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500 Amp 50mV DC Shunt


A Precision 500 amp Shunt

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500 Amp 50mV DC Shunt

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500 Amp 50mV DC Shunt (400 amps maximum)

Shunts are used by battery monitors to measure battery state of charge. This is the most common shunt in the industry, rated at 500 amps with 50mV voltage drop. A shunt is a very precise resistor that will produce a low voltage drop (millivolts) proportional to the amount of current flowing through it. A 10:1 shunt will produce a 1 millivolt drop for every 10 amps of current that is flowing through it. Most meters that use an external shunt can be placed 50-100 feet away from the shunt.

What is a shunt? A shunt is just a very low resistance precision resistor that is wired in series with the load you want to measure. Essentially, it produces a small voltage that meters and monitors can read and convert to an Amp reading.


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