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  1. Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions

    Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the primary greenhouse gas produced by human activities and a major factor in climate change. The most effective way to reduce carbon dioxide emissions is to reduce fossil fuel consumption. Residential, commercial and industrial projects can all add renewable energy sources to both new builds and retrofits, and help speed up the transition to renewable energy products.


  2. Return on Investment

    How long does it take for a solar system to pay for itself?
    The payback period varies greatly for solar owners depending on the solar system size, type and energy usage.
    Solar systems may generate savings that would equal an annual ROI (return on investment) of 5% to 25% per year based on current energy prices. One should think of solar power as an investment that yields a monthly return, much as a bank savings account that provides interest.
    Best of all this income is not taxed, as would be the interest earned from a savings account or other investments.
    Pay yourself via clean and renewable energy generation or you can continue to pay the energy company and the government.

  3. Abundant and Free Energy

    The sun, that highly convenient and free fusion reactor in the sky, radiates more energy to the Earth in a few hours than the entire human population consumes from all sources in a year.

  4. Reduce Dependency on Fossil Fuels

    Renewable energy will never run out. Oil, coal and natural gas are all from finite sources, and these stores are dwindling quickly. As they become more difficult to acquire, the costs associated with their use increases. By switching to solar energy for some or all of your energy needs, you free yourself from these rising costs and disappearing resources.

  5. A Positive Choice

    It’s a great feeling to know you are part of the solution in creating a better world for all living things on our planet.